The Boys' Mentorship Programme

December Militaristic Boot Camp


Did you know that boys have a language called experience that they listen to the most? Well, boys learn best when they get practical. This is why The Boys Mentorship Program; offers you a thrilling experience that will build your boy into the true man you have always wanted him to be. Militaristic in nature, the boot camp is an intensive high-gear, mind-stimulating, activity-packed nine day residential program that will undoubtedly train your child to be more alert,  focused, fit, energetic and adhering to instruction.

The sessions have been designed to destroy the negative sense of entitlement, laziness and reluctance to take up tasks that limits many a boy-child today from purposefully exploring their limitless potential as males and have fun while at it. Your boy-child will no doubt enjoy the military fitness drills, the team work spirit and all round mentoring sessions that help the mentees to break through the bondage that comes with a high sense of entitlement and the unsupervised freedom they often crave for. Sign up and let your boy-child enjoy this wonderful adventurous experience.

Boys' School of Discipline

Education without character puts your boy’s knowledge to no use and yet the disciplinary challenges we are faced with today require a disciplining hand whose objective is to straighten your boy child without crushing his self-esteem. This program offers skilled professionals that will put in time to understand your child’s behavior and employ healthy disciplinary action built-to-fit the disciplinary needs of your child.

We imagine that your goal is not just to have a well behaved child but also to cultivate a vibrant relationship with your boy child and this is our major focus. This is why we train the child to obey instruction, express themselves respectfully and above all to understand and appreciate the sacrifices you make for his well being. Only then can your child learn from the great examples encountered in his life. Our team is ready, please get in touch today!

Summer Militaristic Boot Camp

This summer boot camp comes as an opportunity for the boys whose school curriculum cannot allow them to participate in the December militaristic boot camp. The militaristic-themed activity-packed camp program offers a unique hands-on adventurous learning experience just like the December militaristic boot camp.

The mentees are guided to embrace responsibility and be totally passionate about investing generous effort in achieving great results. At the boot camp, they enjoy militaristic fitness drills and engage in manual work that teaches them to work with their hands and be productive. They equally take part in learning acceptable social etiquette. Our team also conducts mentoring sessions that address challenges they face as they grow older thereby helping them to build their lives on the right foundation of true manhood. Working in teams, the boys are able to grow their leadership skills, build their confidence and enhance their team work spirit to greater heights. 

Boys' Public Speaking Program

You know that adrenaline rush you experience when a young boy steps up to the microphone with great composure, articulating every point audibly and consistently, commanding an aura of pin-drop silence and sending his audience into colorful applaud as he winds his speech? Well, this can be your boy child!

However, upon its completion, the speech makers can speak in public with excellent poise, confidence, energy and relevant 21st century communication skills without which one cannot make a mark in today’s competitive world of endless opportunities. This program puts emphasis on great stage balance,  stage management, head management, eye contact, usage of hand gestures, good command of the English language, command of the audience, appropriate dress code and speech content preparation.

Boys Raised in The Diaspora

Raising your boy child living in the Diaspora presents irresistible opportunities for growth and exposure that are worth embracing. However, it equally presents a challenge when teaching them valid traditional values of true manhood because your boy child is largely exposed to the foreign cultures in the country where he lives. Our trusted team steps in to walk this journey with your child.

The Boys Mentorship program presents a special hands-on package tailored to help your boy child to build a strong value system and enhance their life skills. Consequently, your boy child is able to reject unacceptable foreign culture that would otherwise destroy his moral conscience and to appreciate his African identity. The mentees learn the social conduct of a responsible and dependable man, what makes them real men, preparation of African meals, poultry farming, animal husbandry and crop farming. They practice and adapt to basic African social behavior like respecting elders, greeting respectfully and using decent language and equally discuss topical subjects like sexual purity, integrity and self-leadership. The program sessions are residential and can be arranged for both groups and individuals. 

P7 & S.4 Leavers’ Adolescent Road Trip - Rwanda

Based on proven-effective acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), the skills and tips to be shared in this resident boys camp will help these (pre) teen boys manage difficult emotions, connect with their values, achieve mindfulness and vitality, and develop positive relationships with friends and family.

The evidence-based practices in this P.7 & S.4  Leavers Boys’ Trip will focus on developing a strong sense of self, and will give these adolescent boys the confidence they need to make that difficult transition into adulthood. Whether it’s school, family or friend related, adolescent boys going to secondary school experience a profound level of stress, and often they lack the psychological tools to deal with stress in productive way.

The skills we will impart in them during the program will help set the stage for a happy, healthy adulthood. If you have a son who’s finishing his Primary Seven and Senior 4 and on his way to  Secondary School, and Advanced Level Respectively. This is a must-attend for your son. 


The Senior Boy's Retreat

This is a highly interactive holistic program we designed to support your male child emotionally, psychologically and physically as he transitions from boyhood to manhood. This phase is a turning point in his life and he needs true men of good repute and commendable moral standing to guide him such that he can become an excellent leader for himself and for others. At the retreat, challenging issues of masculinity like masturbation, anger management, homosexuality, substance abuse, poor hygiene, sex addiction and pornography are dissected and your child is supported to overcome them.

Our team of male mentors guides your boy child to build a formidable value system that he can habitually refer to well into his advanced years of adulthood. The mentees are also guided to reflect on their present and map the kind of future they would love to pursue as true men of integrity such that they lead lives that are exemplary, goal-oriented and purposeful.

The Boy's Academic Clinic

The demands of a good education make it so expensive today that no parent wants to sacrifice for them in vain. This is why our professional team of academic mentors desires to give your boy child the support he needs to make the most of his education.

We present to all the mentees a series of interactive sessions to establish why their performance is the way it is. Together with your boy child, recommended behavioral adjustments are made and tutorials to help them concentrate better and perform better in class are scheduled and conducted. At the clinic, boys participate in concentration drills, brain stimulating handiwork like crotchet making and academic mentorship on how to design revise their class work effectively.  

Our professional team also goes an extra mile to follow up your boy child by conducting school visits to monitor academic school performance, handwriting, organization of class work notes, and tracking the general behavior of your child at school.

Education does not have to be a horrible venture for your boy child; we can help to liven up their attitude by making school more beneficial and purposeful for them. Sign up for the academic clinic and let’s address the whys that come to mind every time your boy hands you that awful school report card.


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